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Welcome To Stonewon Designs

Hello to all, this will be our first blog post and we thought the best thing to write about is more of an introduction to StoneWon Designs. So without further ado- here we go.

My name is Josh Stone and i will be the one writing in most of these blog posts. This new venture was started simply because woodworking was therapeutic to me. I found that building things in my garage helped me out with my stress from the normal job. Then over the course of a few years i started to get good at building small stuff around the house and getting on you-tube to figure out how to build other things. As any woodworker knows- tools take a while to accumulate and i was no different. After a few more years  i had the required tools to build anything i wanted,  i started building stuff for friends and family.  I found that if i was making something for someone and i wasn't afraid to give it to them; then i knew it was decent enough to sell too.

Several years past and i found a site called Etsy. This was the first time i realized that this hobby could be something that i could actually make money on and possibly, one day, make a living. I started selling on Etsy in February of 2018. This was an eye opening experience as we really had no idea what we were doing. I have learned a lot in the short time i have been a small business owner and Etsy was my starting point. Fast forward until now ( only a few months really) and we have our own website and we are extremely busy for our small operation. Although most of our sales still come from Etsy, we are gaining customers daily to our website and i see a bright future ahead of us. I will wrap it up here and try and post something to the blog weekly if i can. In the future i will try and ad more articles and tips that have helped me in the past.

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