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Raise your monitor to a comfortable viewing height with this handmade Oak computer monitor stand. Get started everyday by being organized and Improve Everyday Work Habits by relieving strain off your neck and eyes by elevating your monitor to eye level.

-length- 34" x Width 10-11" x height 3.75" x 2nd level height 10"
-storage openings - 22" 3"( keyboard space) 9" x 3"
-upper level storage opening is 11" x 5"

- cutout slot on first level - phone stand is no longer used on this product, the slot is there but no raised phone prop
- handmade in McKinney, TX
- 3 open organizational areas for storage of pens, paper, ect..
- large opening has enough room for keyboard

Our Multi-Purpose stand and riser are suitable for devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, MacBook's, small printers, books, magazines and more. Made from Red Oak and Heavy Duty enough to hold over 100 lbs.
Designed to use laptop on top level to match computer screen height on first level- but can be used for tv's, gaming consoles, gaming computers, ect...

More options for computer monitor risers, or office organizational products- follow link for all office products



Materials: red oak, wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The 2-tiered monitor riser was exactly what I was hoping for and really helped organize my desk and get both my monitor and my laptop to the right levels. In addition, I emailed a question to the shop that was responded to very promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to order from here again.

Amy Bartoletti
Love it

Love it

Wingkitty Wisoky
It's so great! It turns out I didn't need...

It's so great! It turns out I didn't need the riser on my desk, so now I've used it to support my enormous clock radio and suddenly I have space on my night stand again. Outstanding job on the packing, it arrived flawless.

Kathleen Steuber
This desk stand is the absolutely perfect...

This desk stand is the absolutely perfect addition to my work from home space. I also can't speak highly enough of the shop's communication and helpfulness. I had some issues with UPS and everything was resolved quickly and fully with very little stress on my end. After such a positive experience, I reviewed the rest of the shop and tried to convince myself I needed more products. I'm sure I will order from StoneWon Designs again in the future!

Cynthia Johnston
This monitor riser was exactly what I was...

This monitor riser was exactly what I was looking for. It arrived with the best packaging I have ever seen! Great care was taken to ensure our two risers made it to our home in perfect condition. The one for my Covid home office matches my antique library table very well. Hubs loved his black on for the gaming area.

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