About Us

Stonewon Designs is a line of custom furniture and woodwork launched in 2018 by North Texas based Joshua Stone.

Inspired by his love of nature and plants, he started designing & producing products with his unique modern minimalist style. With retailers like West Elm and The Sill picking up his products, he now has a small, dedicated team to help make his one-of-a-kind pieces.

Stonewon Designs uses locally sourced hardwoods to create unique modern designs that are functional and timeless,  yet made with precision and skill. All Stonewon Designs pieces are built in McKinney, Texas by Joshua or one of his 5 fellow craftsmen. 

Stonewon Designs pieces promote green living & nature with their one-of-a-kind plant stands and patio planters for indoors and outdoors. SWD’s storage and organizational pieces are truly unique with their modular design. The simplicity of his designs are exacting and well thought out and are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Stoenwon Designs pieces are sure to offer lifelong aesthetic attraction while contributing to a more organized minimalist lifestyle.