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Decorate with you plant clippings with one of our single vase wall hangings.
Having small cups all around the house for propagating looks messy, try our hanging plant stem holders instead.
Great for single rose decoration or just use to propagate

Pricing is for one circular wall planter

-Each circle comes with a glass tube and mounting hardware

- circled are around 6-7 diameter 
- Small magnets make taking the glass vase off and on a cinch
- Choose between- walnut, Ambosia Maple, mahogany or birch
- tubes are 6" and are great for all plant stems or flowers
- free shipping

Materials: walnut, birch, ambrosia maple, mahogany.

Customer Reviews

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Propagated stand and redwood bench

There’s quality handmade furniture and there’s Master woodworking. Right out of the box I noticed a difference. Someone at Stonewon has a passion for what they do. The quality is incredible and the attention to detail amazing. Can’t recall ever being complemented on my furniture before. Now all of a sudden people mistake me as a classy guy with good taste. The website looks pretty expensive but after getting them I would’ve paid double.


This is a beautiful piece of wood. Yet, the picture is very deceiving and makes it look larger than it really is. Also, no instructions!! Thank you but beware!!

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